Dark Fermentation

We are also researching sustainable solutions to produce biohydrogen in our laboratory. We have been running extensive laboratory tests using by-products of vegetable processing, like carrots, cabbage, and onions as raw materials. Biohydrogen production with dark fermentation is based on microbes operating in anaerobic conditions. When the microbes break down organic matter, they produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This offers a more sustainable and economical option compared to electrochemical hydrogen production since it requires much less energy.

  1. Biovedyn tuotanto pimeäfermentoinnilla

Cluster Talk

The attached video narrates about what the Bio and Circular Cluster North Savo is and how it operates. The video is also part of the EU Cluster Talks series.

Biogas batch tests

The services of Bio and Circular Cluster North Savo for companies include biogas batch tests that are carried out in our biolaboratory.
With biogas batch tests, the biogas production potential of different materials can be determined and thus boost the circular economy.

In the video, you can learn more about the biogas batch tests.