Laboratory of bio and circular economy

Savonia UAS

Fermentation equipment

The bio and circular economy laboratory has two fully automated fermentors for microbiological research that can be operated batch or continuous. Conditions can be adjusted to be oxygenated or deoxygenated as needed. The fermentors can be processed in series or in parallel and the reactors have a volume of 5l. The equipment includes mechanical mixing and temperature control from 5 degrees to 70 degrees (water jacket & heating plate). The control unit has integrated 3 separate pumps, which enable e.g. nutrient supply and automatic pH adjustment. The equipment has on-line measurement sensors for pH, ORP and O2 and data storage in a database. Option for gas collection and collection and analysis of liquid end products.

Mobile bioprocessing plant

The bioprocess plant consists of two 3 m³ reactors that can be run at different temperatures and alternatively in parallel or in series. Both liquid and solid materials can be fed into the equipment. Inputs can be executed with either manual or automatic programs. The equipment can be easily moved to the customer's site, with minimal risks.

Green house

Development of new recycled fertilizers and soil improvers based on local side streams. In the greenhouse, up to 100 potted plants can be grown simultaneously. The order of the pots can be randomized and typically the test matrices are repeated in 3-4 parallel pots. It is also possible to test different soil samples. The experimental design of the growing trials corresponds to the fertilizer settings and requirements used in agriculture.

Continuous Thermochemical Biomass Reactor

The reactor produces biochar from wood-based biomass by means of torrefaction and/or pyrolysis, and distillates from the gases formed in the reactor by condensing. The technology is installed in a sea container so that the equipment can be moved as easily and safely as possible.

University of Eastern Finland

UEF HTL/HTC-reactor​ in Joensuu


Max temperature: 500 C

Max pressure: 20 MPa

Mechanical stirrer

Reactor volume: 5,7 l

Prepressurizing with N2